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Distributore Di Grano E Cereali

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We were established in 1988. Our company is a distributor of organic food products. We ensure that all of our products are reliable and stable in terms of quality and prices. Our company is dedicated in providing the highest quality ecofriendly products to our customers. We are proud of our heritage of excellence as well as our remarkable list of ground breaking innovations for the present and future in the global market. Our customer service department is always ready to help with queries and questions about our services and products.

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Tipo di Business:
Distributore [Seal, est. 1988]
Settore Industriale:
Grano e Cereali, Pasti Pronti e Pizza, Marmellate e Miele
Organic Food Products Such As Cereals, Vegetables, Flours, Soups, Ready Meals, Proprietary, Honey & Jams, Canned Food, Oil Seeds, Medicinal Plants, Pallets, Pasta Ancient Grains, Durum Wheat Pasta, Cereals, Legumes, Soups, Whole Grain Flour, White Flour, Special Flours, Flakes & Muesli, Cereals & Legumes & Flour

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