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Grossista Di Gonne E Abiti

[ Brescia ] Grossista Di Gonne E Abiti é un Grossista

We are a wholesaler of dresses, jumpsuit, blouse, shirts, cardigan, jackets, padded coat, skirts, jeans, jerseys, trousers, coats, blazer, overcoats, and bags. We offer high quality of animalier scarf, asymetric skirt with tulle, asymmetric v neck shirt, asymmetrical lenght sweater, baloon trousers, belt with laminated effect buckle, belt with rhinestones, belt with round buckle and rhinestones, belt with studs, black denim skirt with a slit, blend cashmere round neck sweater with rolled hem, blend cashmere sweater, blouse with satin effect with embroidery, blouse with wide sleeves, blurred shirt with balloon sleeve, bluse with ruffle, cable-knit sweater with sequins, cardigan with a cuff, cardigan with braid, cardigan with fringes, cardigan with long fringes, cardigan with pockets and ribs, cardigan with reverse, cashmere blend sweater, cashmere blend turtleneck, cigarette corduroy trousers, cigarette trousers with pleats, coat with reverse, colorblock scarf, complex sweater, coord knitted hooded set, corduroy jacket with patterned lining, corduroy relaxed fit trousers, crew neck asymetric sweater, crew neck cable-knit sweater, crew neck sweater with front braid, crew neck sweater with ribbed finish, crew neck sweater with visible stitching, crew-neck sweater with long batwing sleeves, culotte patterned pants, cut-out sweater, denim fringed skirt, denim skirt with a slit, diamond patterned sweater, double breasted suit jacket, double face scarf, double face scarf with lurex details and fringes, double metal belt with buckle, double-breast suit jacket, eco suede belt, ecofur sweater, ecoleather pencil skirt, elastic rhinestones belt, elegant prinstriped palazzo trousers, elegant prinstriped waistcoat, elegant scarf with small lurex lines, etnich patterned scarf, fashion quotes coat, faux fur bag, faux fur belt, faux fur bucket hat, faux fur effect coat, faux fur scarf, faux leather belt with golden details, faux leather skirt with bow, faux leather trousers with cuffs, five pockets trousers with leather effect, flare jersey leggings, floral patterned shirt with ruffles, floreal patterned shirt, fluffy long cardigan with pockets, fringed knit skirt, fur effect bucket hat, fur effect cardigan, fur effect cardigan with buttons, fur effect knitted coat, genuine leather belt, gilet with sequins, hair effect animalier cardigan, hair effect animalier sweater, heart patterned scarf, high neck poncho with fringes, high-neck cut-out sweater, jacket with side slits, knit cardigan with pockets, knit gilet, knit hat with lurex details, knit palazzo pants, knit skirt with side slit, knit turtleneck sweater with fringes, knitted coat, knitted hat with rhinestones, knitted jacket with zip, knitted maxi dress, knitted set, knitted trousers with drawstring, leather effect leggings, leopard print scarf, leopard print scarf with fringes, long cardigan, long sweater with side slit, long tulle skirt, long-sleeve sweater with sequins, masculine cut shirt in cotton, maxi braided belt buckle, maxi sweater with fringed pockets, maxi turtleneck, maxi v neck turtleneck, metal belt, metal belt with elastic band, metal belt with heart chains, midi knit cardigan, mix&match scarf, off the shoulders sweater, oversize fur effect coat, oversize round neck sweater, oversize sweater with fringes, oversize sweater with pockets, oversize sweater with slits, oversize sweather with visible stitching, oversize v neck sweater, palazzo pants, palazzo pants with elastic waistband, palazzo suit trousers, palazzo trousers, palazzo trousers with chain, pantsuit with pleats, patterned blouse, patterned jacket with cuff, patterned leaves coat, patterned maxi flowers scarf, patterned palazzo trousers, patterned pantsuit, patterned polka dot scarf, patterned shirt, patterned shirt with bow, patterned sweater with lurex finish, patterned viscose shirt, pied de poule and flower print scarf, pied de poule scarf, pinstriped jacket, pinstriped palazzo trousers, pinstriped trousers, pinstriped trousers with belt, pinstriped waistcoat, plaid scarf, plaid scarf with lurex, pleated knitted skirt, poncho with braid pattern, prince of wales long coat, puff sleeves sweater, punto milano jacket, rib knit trousers with elastic waist, ribbed skirt with slit, ribbed sweater, ribbed turtleneck sweater, round bag fur effect, round neck sweater with sequins, roundneck viscose sweater, satin effect blouse, satin effect skirt, scarf with geometric design, scarf with heart pattern, scarf with owls pattern, scarf with striped lurex details, sequined ribbed sweater., shirt with rouges on the sleeves, shirt with sequined details, short cardigan with fringes, short sleeves sweater, single-breasted structured jacket, skirt curled on the sides, skirt with curls, skirt with tulle petticoat, sleeveless ribbed cardigan, sleeves sweater, slimfit shirt, soft patterned blouse, soft plaid scarf with fringes, soft v-neck sweater, spotted coat, spotted flared trousers, spotted scarf with fringes, spotted tulle skirt, square buckle belt, square pants, stretch palazzo trousers, striped patterned swea, striped shirt with balloon sleeve, structured patterned suit jacket, structured short cardigan, suede belt, suede gloves with fur on the wrist, sweater, sweater with a slit, sweater with decorative lines, sweater with dropped shoulder, sweater with lurex fabric, sweater with macro braid, sweater with micro sequins, sweater with puff sleeves, sweater with ribbed cuffs, sweater with ribbed details, sweater with row in relief, sweater with zipper and reverse, sweatpants in knitted fabric, trousers, trousers with chain, trousers with pleats, trousers with turn-ups, t-shirt with ribbed sleeves, tulle skirt, turtleneck cable-knit sweater, turtleneck oversize sweater, turtleneck ribbed sweater, turtleneck sweater in viscose blend, turtleneck sweater with fringes, turtleneck sweater with ribbed finish, turtleneck sweater with sequins, turtleneck sweater with slit, turtleneck with ribbed neck, two pieces dress, v neck asymetric blouse, velvet belt, vest with bow, viscose blend double-breasted coat, viscose blouse with satin details, viscose cardigan with cuff, viscose cardigan with pockets and more.

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Tipo di Business:
Grossista [Brescia]
Settore Industriale:
Gonne e Abiti, Cappotti e Giacche, Camicie e Blusa
Animalier Scarf, Asymetric Skirt With Tulle, Asymmetric V Neck Shirt, Asymmetrical Lenght Sweater, Baloon Trousers, Belt With Laminated Effect Buckle, Belt With Rhinestones, Belt With Round Buckle And Rhinestones, Belt With Studs, Black Denim Skirt With A Slit, Blend Cashmere Round Neck Sweater With Rolled Hem, Blend Cashmere Sweater, Blouse With Satin Effect With Embroidery, Blouse With Wide Sleeves, Blurred Shirt With Balloon Sleeve, Bluse With Ruffle, Cable-Knit Sweater With Sequins, Cardigan With A Cuff, Cardigan With Braid, Cardigan With Fringes, Cardigan With Long Fringes, Cardigan With Pockets And Ribs, Cardigan With Reverse, Cashmere Blend Sweater, Cashmere Blend Turtleneck, Cigarette Corduroy Trousers, Cigarette Trousers With Pleats, Coat With Reverse, Colorblock Scarf, Complex Sweater, Coord Knitted Hooded Set, Corduroy Jacket With Patterned Lining, Corduroy Relaxed Fit Trousers, Crew Neck Asymetric Sweater, Crew Neck Cable-Knit Sweater, Crew Neck Sweater With Front Braid, Crew Neck Sweater With Ribbed Finish, Crew Neck Sweater With Visible Stitching, Crew-Neck Sweater With Long Batwing Sleeves, Culotte Patterned Pants, Cut-Out Sweater, Denim Fringed Skirt, Denim Skirt With A Slit, Diamond Patterned Sweater, Double Breasted Suit Jacket, Double Face Scarf, Double Face Scarf With Lurex Details And Fringes, Double Metal Belt With Buckle, Double-Breast Suit Jacket, Eco Suede Belt, Ecofur Sweater, Ecoleather Pencil Skirt, Elastic Rhinestones Belt, Elegant Prinstriped Palazzo Trousers, Elegant Prinstriped Waistcoat, Elegant Scarf With Small Lurex Lines, Etnich Patterned Scarf, Fashion Quotes Coat, Faux Fur Bag, Faux Fur Belt, Faux Fur Bucket Hat, Faux Fur Effect Coat, Faux Fur Scarf, Faux Leather Belt With Golden Details, Faux Leather Skirt With Bow, Faux Leather Trousers With Cuffs, Five Pockets Trousers With Leather Effect, Flare Jersey Leggings, Floral Patterned Shirt With Ruffles, Floreal Patterned Shirt, Fluffy Long Cardigan With Pockets, Fringed Knit Skirt, Fur Effect Bucket Hat, Fur Effect Cardigan, Fur Effect Cardigan With Buttons, Fur Effect Knitted Coat, Genuine Leather Belt, Gilet With Sequins, Hair Effect Animalier Cardigan, Hair Effect Animalier Sweater, Heart Patterned Scarf, High Neck Poncho With Fringes, High-Neck Cut-Out Sweater, Jacket With Side Slits, Knit Cardigan With Pockets, Knit Gilet, Knit Hat With Lurex Details, Knit Palazzo Pants, Knit Skirt With Side Slit, Knit Turtleneck Sweater With Fringes, Knitted Coat, Knitted Hat With Rhinestones, Knitted Jacket With Zip, Knitted Maxi Dress, Knitted Set, Knitted Trousers With Drawstring, Leather Effect Leggings, Leopard Print Scarf, Leopard Print Scarf With Fringes, Long Cardigan, Long Sweater With Side Slit, Long Tulle Skirt, Long-Sleeve Sweater With Sequins, Masculine Cut Shirt In Cotton, Maxi Braided Belt Buckle, Maxi Sweater With Fringed Pockets, Maxi Turtleneck, Maxi V Neck Turtleneck, Metal Belt, Metal Belt With Elastic Band, Metal Belt With Heart Chains, Midi Knit Cardigan, Mix&Match Scarf, Off The Shoulders Sweater, Oversize Fur Effect Coat, Oversize Round Neck Sweater, Oversize Sweater With Fringes, Oversize Sweater With Pockets, Oversize Sweater With Slits, Oversize Sweather With Visible Stitching, Oversize V Neck Sweater, Palazzo Pants, Palazzo Pants With Elastic Waistband, Palazzo Suit Trousers, Palazzo Trousers, Palazzo Trousers With Chain, Pantsuit With Pleats, Patterned Blouse, Patterned Jacket With Cuff, Patterned Leaves Coat, Patterned Maxi Flowers Scarf, Patterned Palazzo Trousers, Patterned Pantsuit, Patterned Polka Dot Scarf, Patterned Shirt, Patterned Shirt With Bow, Patterned Sweater With Lurex Finish, Patterned Viscose Shirt, Pied De Poule And Flower Print Scarf, Pied De Poule Scarf, Pinstriped Jacket, Pinstriped Palazzo Trousers, Pinstriped Trousers, Pinstriped Trousers With Belt, Pinstriped Waistcoat, Plaid Scarf, Plaid Scarf With Lurex, Pleated Knitted Skirt, Poncho With Braid Pattern, Prince Of Wales Long Coat, Puff Sleeves Sweater, Punto Milano Jacket, Rib Knit Trousers With Elastic Waist, Ribbed Skirt With Slit, Ribbed Sweater, Ribbed Turtleneck Sweater, Round Bag Fur Effect, Round Neck Sweater With Sequins, Roundneck Viscose Sweater, Satin Effect Blouse, Satin Effect Skirt, Scarf With Geometric Design, Scarf With Heart Pattern, Scarf With Owls Pattern, Scarf With Striped Lurex Details, Sequined Ribbed Sweater., Shirt With Rouges On The Sleeves, Shirt With Sequined Details, Short Cardigan With Fringes, Short Sleeves Sweater, Single-Breasted Structured Jacket, Skirt Curled On The Sides, Skirt With Curls, Skirt With Tulle Petticoat, Sleeveless Ribbed Cardigan, Sleeves Sweater, Slimfit Shirt, Soft Patterned Blouse, Soft Plaid Scarf With Fringes, Soft V-Neck Sweater, Spotted Coat, Spotted Flared Trousers, Spotted Scarf With Fringes, Spotted Tulle Skirt, Square Buckle Belt, Square Pants, Stretch Palazzo Trousers, Striped Patterned Swea, Striped Shirt With Balloon Sleeve, Structured Patterned Suit Jacket, Structured Short Cardigan, Suede Belt, Suede Gloves With Fur On The Wrist, Sweater, Sweater With A Slit, Sweater With Decorative Lines, Sweater With Dropped Shoulder, Sweater With Lurex Fabric, Sweater With Macro Braid, Sweater With Micro Sequins, Sweater With Puff Sleeves, Sweater With Ribbed Cuffs, Sweater With Ribbed Details, Sweater With Row In Relief, Sweater With Zipper And Reverse, Sweatpants In Knitted Fabric, Trousers, Trousers With Chain, Trousers With Pleats, Trousers With Turn-Ups, T-Shirt With Ribbed Sleeves, Tulle Skirt, Turtleneck Cable-Knit Sweater, Turtleneck Oversize Sweater, Turtleneck Ribbed Sweater, Turtleneck Sweater In Viscose Blend, Turtleneck Sweater With Fringes, Turtleneck Sweater With Ribbed Finish, Turtleneck Sweater With Sequins, Turtleneck Sweater With Slit, Turtleneck With Ribbed Neck, Two Pieces Dress, V Neck Asymetric Blouse, Velvet Belt, Vest With Bow, Viscose Blend Double-Breasted Coat, Viscose Blouse With Satin Details, Viscose Cardigan With Cuff, Viscose Cardigan With Pockets, Viscose Oversize Sweater, Viscose Shirt, Viscose Shirt With Back Buttons, Viscose Spotted Scarf, Viscose Sweater With Little Buttons, Viscose Sweater With Ribbed Finish, V-Neck Sweater With Lurex Details, Waistcoat, Writing Print Coat, & Zebra Patterned Scarf.

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